Shougang Group and FAW Group set up a Joint Laboratory for Automotive Steel

      Recently, Shougang Group and China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd. “Unveiling Ceremony of Joint Laboratory for Automotive Steel” was held at Shougang Technology Research Institute. Leaders and experts from relevant departments of the two sides attended the unveiling ceremony.
      The official listing of the joint laboratory marks a further step in the establishment of an “all-round, deep-level, multi-form” efficient coordination mechanism, which is of great significance for promoting the common development of both parties in automotive steel.
      In recent years, Shougang has made great progress in automotive steel. In 2018, the output of cold-rolled automobile sheets ranked second in the country. In terms of research and development, Shougang Technology Research Institute is equipped with advanced research equipment from product research and development to user use technology. It can simulate the research process of smelting, hot rolling, cold rolling and annealing processes in an all-round way, and is committed to the cutting-edge technology and commonality in the field of automotive steel. Research in technology continues to improve the level of process technology and product competitiveness. Shougang and FAW signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in 2011 and became a FAW tier one supplier in 2012. Through continuous cooperation, the two sides not only established a good strategic cooperative relationship, but also played an active role in promoting the R&D capabilities of both parties and achieving complementary advantages.

Post time: Aug-12-2019